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Clusivity New EDM / Pop Producer & Songwriter Clusivity

Clusivity is a new Belgian EDM / Pop Producer and songwriter.

'Together' is his second song. It was written, composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Clusivity in Belgium and USA. Vocals were recorded in Australia.
Watch the cool video of 'Together' here.
The video was recorded in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal and directed by e_declus.

'Together - We Are Stronger Than One'. This song is about Love and Hope. This song is about Friendship! 'You Are Never Alone'.
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Clusivity's first release is called 'Nevada'. It was composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Clusivity.
Watch the cool video of 'Nevada' here. The video was filmed and directed by e_declus & Clusivity.

Some reviews about 'Nevada':

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