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The ideal tool for playing and composing music, songwriting, improvisation, harmonization, modulation, transposition & chord progressions.
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Table Of Fifths

The Table Of Fifths + ebook, created by Clusivity: circle of fifths

- The Table Of Fifths is a Slide Chart: Version 2.0 is out now! Clusivity

- It's FREE! You can make your own Slide Chart in 15 minutes!

- It's the circle of fifths, made easy, by presenting all information in a Table Of Fifths!

- “Compose like the Pros”: The new easy visual method to compose music, to improvise and find inspiration! Chords are organised in a logical way to help you compose music in any key. Learn and "see" how to apply more complex composition methods like modulation, tonicization, tonicized chords, chord substitutions, tritone substitutions, parallel keys, borrowed chords, and secondary dominants.

- A great tool to play music.

- Makes it easy to see all major keys and their relative minor key, their notes, scale, key signature, 7 basic chords, chord progressions & modulation.

- The free PDF ebook is the easy way to learn and understand music theory and take a giant leap in your knowledge of music. This ebook will dramatically change the way you ‘look at’ music.

-> Learn how to use the Table Of Fifths.

-> Learn the basics of music theory: learn about the circle of fifths, keys, key signature and all the hidden secrets of the circle of fifths.

-> Learn about the 7 basic triads, the 7th chords, Roman numerals and chord progressions.

-> SEE the relationships of chords in a key and how some chords have close relationships.

-> Find out when to use major 7th and dominant 7th chords. How to use suspended and augmented chords.

-> Discover the symmetry of diminished 7th and augmented chords.

-> The ebook includes more than 180 exercises to help you become a master in music theory and the use of the Table Of Fifths.

-> It is easy to transpose a song to another key. It is easy to transpose musical scores for instruments tuned in another key.

- No need to count or remember tricks to get information out of the circle of fifths: simply READ the information from the Table Of Fifths.

- The Table Of Fifths includes the 11 most popular chords with notes in each key: major, major7, dominant7, minor, minor7, diminished, diminished7, half-diminished7, suspended 4th, suspended 2nd and augmented chords. There are 132 different chords with notes included.

- The Table Of Fifths will undoubtedly help you with playing and composing music, improvisation, finding inspiration, harmonization, ...

- Includes the Camelot system used for harmonic mixing.

- Version 2.1 will extensively describe the "Compose like the Pros" concept, a new visual method to build your song with chords from the Table Of Fifths, similar to how bricks are used to construct a house.

- Enlarge the Table of Content.

Table Of Fifths

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Some testimonials about the Table Of Fifths:
David R. (U.K.): "I have successfully downloaded your impressive PDF. What I can appreciate is the way your slide rule approach makes a complex topic/subject matter much more intuitive to use and easy to follow."
Adam S. (U.K.): “I've downloaded this and made my own table of fifths slider and it's awesome!”
Alejandro S. (El Salvador): “Thank you for this!”
Thomas S. (Switzerland): “Wow thank you!”
Marleen V. (Netherlands): “Thank you very much for sharing!”
E. W. (Canada): “Amazing!”
Jan A. (Germany): “Awesome idea!”
Adrian R. (U.K. ): “Great idea, thanks!”
Glen V. (Belgium): “That’s awesome!”
Gvidas T. (U.K.): “Amazing!”
Luka L. (Croatia): “This is amazing!”
Matt S. (USA): “Thank you so much! Great work!”
Jules T. (Netherlands): “Love this!”
Leonel B. (Argentina): “Thanks!!!!”
Franzek P.: “Nice!!!! Thanx a 100 :) ”
Donatho D. (Peru): “Que Bueno”
Dendi S. (Indonesia): “Wow”

Arnold V. (Austria): "The Swiss knife of music :) "
Jacob T. (U.K.): “What a great resource! Thanks :) ”
Cosmin A. (Romania): “Great job. Thank you!”
Preston K. (South Africa): “Not all heroes wear capes! Thanks for this!”
Lestat R.: “Thank you so much for this!!!”
Pil S. (Netherlands): “Amazing job. You’re good on karma for sometime ;) (…) The amount of effort, precision and inventiveness that's been put into this is really something else. You could easily charge people for this, so this really is awefully nice of you to give away for free.”
Giacomo G. (Italy): “It looks nice bro!”
Hermann K. (Germany): “Nice. It’s easier to see the relations between the notes and the keys.”
Atilla B. (Hungary): “Clever :) ”
Martin D. (Czech Rep.): “Wow that could be actually helpful, thank you very much!”
Lv A. (Spain): “Nice job! Thanks for sharing it!”
Lauren M. (USA): “That’s awesome, I’m gonna download now…”
Michael P. (U.K.): “Looks cool”
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